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Dr. Klein

financing partner for medium- sized and large companies

Future-oriented advice that adds value

Dr. Klein advises and supports medium-sized and large companies as a partner in all matters of brokering and optimising financing arrangements. We will find an ideal solution for every client in a collaborative, transparent and reliable manner.

Partnering with Dr. Klein is a good choice for many reasons:

We assist our clients in arranging and optimising financing deals, which we put out to tender in our network of currently just under 500 banks and other lenders. As part of this process, we advise clients on the most appropriate financing structure, create info memos and prepare financing offers, conduct or participate in negotiations with banks, and support the subsequent distribution of regular reports.

Benefits of using Dr. Klein:

  • Extensive expertise
  • A supportive partnership
  • An established network of almost 500 lenders in Germany and abroad
  • Clients save time and benefit from reduced complexity
  • Optimised terms and process reliability for clients

Our clients

Our focus is on the facilitation of financing solutions for large and medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that require national or international financing in a volume of €5 million or more.

Our services

  • Advising on the most suitable financing structure
  • Recommending suitable lenders and selecting lenders for initial contact
  • Preparing an info memorandum that contains answers to questions of relevance to
    the credit risk department
  • Obtaining indicative offers and preparing the results for presentation
  • Coordinating and supporting all steps, from negotiations with banks to disbursement
  • Optimising the structure of existing financing deals
  • Providing support during the bank’s onboarding process
  • Supporting the distribution of regular reports

Dr. Klein financing products and services

Following an in-depth analysis of all parameters of relevance for financing purposes, we will advise you as to which instrument is best suited to your project and your corporate strategy. Knowing which financing partner prefers which types of investment is our bread and butter and the basis for obtaining the best financing deal for our clients.

Capital expenditure financing
  • Capex financing for new projects, diversification plans, expansion, modernisation and maintenance
  • Duration and terms can be tailored specifically to the client’s financing needs
Equipment financing

Equipment financing is a key success factor for operations. Credit lines can be set up on an indefinite basis or for a fixed term of several years, in order to achieve more security of funding.

Project financing

Financing deals for projects that are based on a non-recourse arrangement and therefore do not increase the company’s debt. These financing arrangements are used in the renewable energies, infrastructure and property segments. It can be challenging to find suitable lenders and financing structures, especially for international projects. We have very broad expertise on international project financing and have access to a large network of lenders.

Acquisition financing

Financing deals for acquisitions of companies, with or without liability of the buyer. Time is of the essence when it comes to acquisitions. We can help you stabilise and accelerate the process. We have sound market knowledge and can draw on a network of relevant lenders that provide acquisition financing.


Companies can use leasing as an alternative to a traditional loan. We provide the structures and have a network of lessors offering finance leases or operating leases. For large-scale investments in plant and equipment or commercial property, sale-and-lease-back arrangements may also be worth considering.


Factoring is a specific type of equipment financing. Whether you are interested in non- recourse or recourse factoring, on-balance-sheet or off-balance-sheet arrangements, we can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of factoring and introduce you to factoring providers.

Optimisation of financing structures

If your financing arrangement has been in place for at least two years, you would probably benefit from refinancing. We are happy to review your current financing deal and provide you with an assessment. We can also assist with harmonising loan agreements. If there are several lenders, an important principle to take into account is ‘pari passu’ (equal treatment of lenders). This will have an impact on aspects such as financial covenants but also definitions, e.g. „change of control“.

Agency services

Financing arrangements typically involve regular reporting tasks, which may, for example, be obtained and checked by independent organisations (the lender itself or a third-party service provider). In many cases, we could be a more cost-effective alternative.

Bilateral and syndicated loan structures

We provide support for bilateral and syndicated loan structures. Thanks to our extensive network of lenders, we offer comprehensive support throughout the process right up to disbursement.

Client feedback

„Collaborative partnership and excellent financing expertise – we would be happy to use your services again.“

Timo Steinberg


„An efficient and professional collaboration that also helped us to optimise the internal resources at our disposal.“

Dierk Berner

Member of the Management Board, coop eG

„Outstanding process support and optimisation of our financing structures – quick and easy.“

Hans-Christoph Klaiber

sole shareholder, Nord Event GmbH

„Very swift and professional support for our investment plans. We were particularly impressed with the financing solution found. I would recommend the service to any company and will use it again soon.“

Knut Bettels

managing director, Bettels Gruppe

„Efficient collaboration, great partnership, and an optimised financing structure.“

Houman Gieleky

CEO, Toptranslation GmbH

„Excellent process management, outstanding expertise, and always there to help. We are very happy to be supported by Dr. Klein Corporate Finance.“

Marko Lieske

member of the MB, VSB Holding GmbH


Optimization of financing structure/Aquisition financing


investment financing




Brokerage/support/syndicated loans






Optimisation of financing structures


Acquisition financing


Capital expenditure financing


Equipment financing


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Jan Bewarder

Jan Bewarder

Head of Corporate Finance

  • Previously head of corporate client business for northern Germany at Bayerische Landesbank
  • 20 years of experience in corporate client business and more than 13 years of experience in the renewable energies sector
  • LL.M, MBA, Dip.-Betr.-Wirt (FH)
Svenja Dekarski

Svenja Dekarski


  • More than 10 years of experience in corporate banking, specialising in agency activities
  • Focus: complex loan portfolios with bilateral and syndicated financing structures
Maria Starke

Maria Starke

Project Manager

  • Several years of experience in structuring and placing equity and debt capital (ECM and M&A)
  • Industry focus: renewable energies
Asken Godefroy

Asken Godefroy

Project Manager

  • Several years of experience in structured finance, combined with expertise in LBO financing and financial advisory mandates
  • M. Sc. Finance and Accounting
Mattes Schäfers

Mattes Schäfers

Project Manager

  • Several years of experience in financing and structuring within the renewable energy and infrastructure sector, in particular with equity, debt capital and junior debt tranches
  • LLM, B.Sc., specialization Finance and Accounting